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Forms—Charter Schools

Fiscal Year 2025 Final Charter School Annual Budget Forms

Charters should use these final forms and instructions for completing their charter school budgets. Extract the files to C:\CSFORMS\. The C:\CSFORMS\ folder should also include the most recently revised version of the charter's fiscal year 2024 budget files. Read the Submission and Publication Instructions for additional information.

All charters should use the final budget forms for budget revisions during the fiscal year. The Arizona Department of Education will not accept budget revisions submitted on the preliminary budget form.

Legal Compliance Questionnaire

This Legal Compliance Questionnaire is for use in audits of charter schools sponsored by universities and community college districts that are exempt from complying with the USFRCS. Charter schools the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools sponsors should continue to refer to the guidance the board issues.

Fiscal Year 2023 Charter School Annual Financial Report

The FY 2023 AFR zip file contains forms and instructions for completing the charter school AFR; Food Service AFR; Classroom Site Project Narrative; and ADE's Results-Based Funding Expenditure Report. The school-level (SLR) AFR zip file includes two SLR forms based on charter size.

Select the zip file and extract the files to C:\CSFORMS\. In addition to the extracted files, the C:\CSFORMS\ folder should also include the most recently revised versions of the charter's FY 2023 budget and FY 2022 AFR files.

Read the Submission and Publication Information document and FY 2023 Formula Corrections file for additional information.

Click here to view a short video, issued in June 2020, for information about importing accounting data used to populate the FY 2023 charter school AFR.

Click here to view a short video describing the School-Level Reporting Form that was issued with the draft form in June 2020.

Click here to view a short video describing the School-Level Reporting Form for charters with 1 school.

Charter Sponsor Annual Report

Charter sponsors should use this form to submit its annual report to the Arizona Auditor General on or before October 1 of each year.


Fiscal Year 2022 COVID-19 Reporting Form

This form collects fiscal year 2022 information on how all Arizona charter schools spent and plan to spend stimulus monies in the federal acts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. All charters must submit the completed form to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) via the Common Logon no later than October 15, 2022.

The file contains detailed instructions for completing and submitting the form. All charters should copy the accounting data from their completed FY 2022 and paste it into the FY 2022 COVID-19 Reporting Form, as instructed.

Click here for a short video describing the changes made to the form for fiscal year 2022.