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State Agencies

Report #: 24-103
Arizona School Facilities Oversight Board
Performance Audit

Board has taken steps to meet some statutory responsibilities, but has not ensured the accuracy of student enrollment projections or reviewed consistent information when approving districts’ square footage reduction requests...

Report #: 24-102
Arizona Power Authority, Board of Education, Corporation Commission, Independent Redistricting Commission
Annual Review

As required by law, we conducted a review of per diem compensation and expense reimbursement payments to members of State boards, commissions, councils, and advisory committees (collectively referred to as...

Report #: 24-101
Land Department
Special Audit

Department’s agricultural leasing process does not fully align with recommended practices; its agricultural leases including with Fondomonte are below market rates and do not require reporting of or payment for...

Economic Security-ALTCS Contract, Department of
Financial Audit, IT Related Findings
Report #: 23-116
Arizona Commerce Authority
Performance Audit

ACA manages various business incentives; spent more than $2.4 million hosting 5 private CEO Forums, reportedly to market Arizona to companies; and is at increased risk of fraud and waste...

Report #: 23-115
Child Safety, Department of
Performance Audit

Department has processes for key responsibilities, such as assessing child safety in response to abuse/neglect reports, but did not consistently provide timely and quality court reports or ensure some license...

Report #: 23-114
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, Economic Security, Department of, Health Services, Department of
Special Report

Although several State agencies, other public entities, and nonprofit organizations have roles and responsibilities related to Arizona’s adult protective services system, the primary agency and program responsible for protecting vulnerable...

Report #: 23-113
Child Safety, Department of
Performance Audit

Department problems related to investigating, taking enforcement action against, and monitoring licensed out-of-home care providers could result in risky or unhealthy environments for children in out-of-home care.

Report #: 23-112
Foster Care Review Board
Performance Audit

FCRB reviewed cases of children in out-of-home care within required time frames and judges reported some information in FCRB’s local board reports provided for child dependency case reviews is useful...

Report #: 23-111
Charter Schools, State Board for
Performance Audit

Board has implemented several processes for overseeing charter holders’ academic, financial, and operational performance, but its financial framework does not always identify charter holders’ financial difficulties, which is necessary to...

Report #: 23-109
Public Safety Personnel, Corrections Officer, and Elected Officials' Retirement
Performance Audit

System and Legislature have taken various steps to improve pension plans’ sustainability and ability of public safety and corrections officers’ pension plans to meet retirement obligations for plan members, but...

Report #: 23-110
Transportation, Department of
Performance Audit

Department developed processes to meet various statutory responsibilities but failed to fully address fraud and security incidents, potentially not notifying affected customers and not recovering public monies, and had identified...

Report #: 23-108
Forestry and Fire Management, Department of
Performance Audit

Department has not established statutorily required fire safety inspection program, implemented recommendations to help Arizona communities with wildfire planning, or developed complaint-handling process, increasing the risk of fire-related deaths, injuries...

Report #: 23-107
Administration, Department of
Performance Audit

Department has established processes or taken steps to meet various statutory responsibilities to provide centralized support services for State government operations but has not implemented some prior audit recommendations intended...

Report #: 23-106
Transportation, Department of
Performance Audit

MVD failed to timely inspect some contracted CDL providers and examiners and did not consistently take remedial action to address inspection violations, potentially jeopardizing the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and...

Report #: 23-105
Transportation, Department of
Performance Audit

MVD failed to ensure authorized third-party companies consistently issued vehicle titles, driver licenses, and identification cards only to qualified and/or authorized individuals/entities, increasing public safety risks such as unsafe drivers...

Report #: 23-104
Administration, Department of
Performance Audit

ASET has provided insufficient oversight of IT projects, decreasing its ability to identify projects at risk of failing and hindering critical State agency functions, and did not always ensure that...

Report #: 23-103
Corrections, Department of
Special Report

Department released 122 of 123 inmates we reviewed within earned release time frames but did not release some inmates 3 months early and did not comply with some reporting requirements...

Report #: 23-102
Child Safety, Department of
Performance Audit

Department did not provide some documents for local board case reviews because of AOC and Department issues, and some caseworkers did not attend case reviews, impacting boards’ ability to review...

Treasurer, Office of the
Financial Audit

The Arizona State Treasurer receives annual financial and compliance audits:

  • Annual Financial Report includes our audit opinion on the reported financial information’s reliability. 

  • Report on Internal Control and on Compliance...