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Casa Grande Elementary School District


In fiscal year 2010, Casa Grande Elementary School District's student achievement was slightly higher than peer districts', and it operated efficiently overall with most costs lower than peer districts'. The District has made significant reductions in plant operations costs by cutting energy-related expenses. The District reduced its energy costs 22 percent by regulating room temperatures, upgrading air conditioners and lighting, monitoring energy usage, and educating staff on energy conservation. However, the District may have room to further reduce its plant costs by also reviewing its currently high plant staffing levels. Casa Grande ESD has implemented many effective techniques and practices to manage its food service program, and the program was efficient and self-supporting. The District monitored food service performance measures, participated in a cooperative purchasing group, monitored meal demand to limit waste, and planned its menus to allow full use of available United States Department of Agriculture food commodities. The District's per-pupil administrative costs were 21 percent lower than peer districts' primarily because it had lower staffing levels. However, the District needs to improve controls over its computer network and systems to adequately protect sensitive information.

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Additional Documents