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State Board Member Per Diem Compensation and Expense Reimbursements / Fiscal Year 2022 / Annual Review


As required by law, we conducted a review of per diem compensation and expense reimbursement payments to members of State boards, commissions, councils, and advisory committees (collectively referred to as boards) for fiscal year 2022. The boards are required to pay per diem compensation and reimburse expenses in accordance with State law and State or board policies and procedures. However, 1 board, the Arizona Power Authority, assigned its chairman to simultaneously hold 2 positions with conflicting duties, which may have been incompatible with State law; its chairman and vice chairman approved their own per diem and expense reimbursement payments, inconsistent with SAAM; and it overpaid its chairman $281. Three other boards we reviewed, the Independent Redistricting Commission, Corporation Commission, and State Board of Education, did not reimburse board members in accordance with State policies. Additionally, we followed up with the Arizona Game and Fish Department on the recommendation we made to it in our fiscal year 2021 report (Report 22-302) and determined that the Department implemented our recommendation.