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State of Arizona / June 30, 2022 / Annual Financial Related Reports

Annual financial and compliance reports: State and federal laws require the State of Arizona to receive annual financial and compliance audits, including audits of federal financial assistance programs, resulting in required annual financial and single audit reports:

  • The annual financial report includes the auditors’ opinion on the reported financial information’s reliability. Auditors are also required to report on internal control and compliance over financial reporting, typically included in the single audit report but may be in a separate document. 

  • The single audit report includes the auditors’ opinion on compliance with federal program requirements and on the reliability of the federal expenditure schedule. It also includes the auditors’ report on internal control and compliance over federal program requirements and any findings auditors reported.

Our Highlights summarize these reports.1

1 All reports may not be available here at once because they may be issued on separate dates. Typically, the single audit report is issued later and separate from the financial report. We will issue our highlights summarizing these reports when all are posted. 

Additional Documents

Additional Documents