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School Districts

East Valley Institute of Technology
Performance Audit
District has not developed and implemented comprehensive capital and strategic plans to ensure its spending for capital projects is efficient and does not negatively impact its career and technical education (CTE) programs, and that projects provide intended benefits
Mountain Institute Career and Technical Education District
IT Related Findings, Performance Audit
District spent $3 million on career and technical education (CTE) programs in fiscal year 2022 but had not established critical accounting and IT controls to prevent errors, fraud, and data loss; lacked policies governing $2.4 million in accumulated fund balances; and did not collect, validate, and use key CTE program outcome data to demonstrate how it effectively prepared students for high-need occupations
Blue Elementary School District
Performance Audit
District educates a small number of students in a remote community and has taken steps to control its costs, but lacked procedures for certain business office activities, resulting in it being underfunded by over $31,000 and inaccurately reporting its fiscal year 2023 spending; and did not have a formal agreement with Greenlee County School Superintendent’s Office (GCSSO) to provide business office services, increasing the risk of disruptions to District operations