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Arizona State University—Criminal Indictment—Theft, Misuse of Public Monies, Fraudulent Schemes, and Forgery


As part of their responsibility to prevent and detect fraud, Arizona State University (ASU) officials took appropriate action by reporting to us alleged financial misconduct by Carlos Urrea, former University Technology Office (UTO) manager of information technology. Our investigation revealed that from June 2017 through December 2021, Mr. Urrea may have embezzled $124,093 when he used his ASU purchase card (p-card) to make 810 unauthorized personal purchases. To help conceal his scheme, Mr. Urrea submitted for processing 347 forged receipts and 358 false p-card business purpose descriptions, making it falsely appear as if the purchases were for valid ASU purposes. We have submitted our report to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, which on December 1, 2023, presented evidence to the Maricopa County Superior Court Grand Jury. The action resulted in Mr. Urrea being indicted on 14 felony counts related to theft, misuse of public monies, fraudulent schemes, and forgery.