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Arizona Department of Veterans' Services - Veteran Home


The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services (Department) operates a 200-bed nursing home in Phoenix for Arizona veterans, their spouses, and parents whose children died while serving in the U. S. Armed Forces. In September 2011, the Department is scheduled to open another 120-bed veteran home in Tucson and plans to open homes in the Flagstaff, Yuma, and Kingman regions by 2019. Although the existing Veteran Home (Home) is supposed to be self-sustaining, it operated at a loss between fiscal years 2008 and 2010. With improvements in management of the Home, it is currently self-sustaining, although financial risks remain. Going forward, the Department should take steps to ensure the Home maintains its improved financial condition by continuing to increase the Home’s cash on hand and reduce the Home’s administrative and general costs. In addition, it should help to ensure the self-sufficiency of future homes by maintaining a high quality of care and a balanced payer mix, and by keeping operating costs and administrative expenditures low.

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