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Maricopa Association of Governments Regional Transportation Plan


In 2004, Maricopa County voters extended an existing sales tax initiative that generated funding for transportation projects, adding a significant investment in light rail, new and improved freeways, street improvements, and bus transit features in Maricopa County. Since the 2011 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) performance audit, the RTP partners (Maricopa Association of Governments, Arizona Department of Transportation, and Valley Metro) and local jurisdictions have implemented most of the 2011 RTP audit recommendations and strengthened existing processes related to performance measures, project management and delivery, and intelligent transportation system technology and monitoring. Performance data generally reveals results that are comparable to or better than peers’ across the country related to congestion, travel time, crashes, pavement and bridge condition, on-time performance, and transit operating metrics. Moreover, the RTP partners have completed many projects, and most projects that auditors reviewed were on schedule or had reasonable documented delays, and were within budget. In addition, project management techniques RTP partners used for freeway, arterial street, and transit projects aligned with industry best practices. However, RTP partners are still developing performance targets, making it difficult to assess how actual transportation system performance compares with goals and expectations. Additionally, the Citizens Transportation Oversight Committee, which is responsible for advising and making recommendations related to the RTP, has not functioned as effectively as peers, has not met since May 2014, and should take steps to enhance its effectiveness.

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