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Arizona Department of Transportation—Sunset Factors


This report provides information on 12 of the sunset factors the Legislature is to consider in determining whether to continue or terminate the Arizona Department of Transportation (Department). The report is the final in a series of three reports. Auditors’ analysis of the sunset factors found strong performance by the Department with regard to many of the factors. However, auditors found that the Department should enhance some of its contract oversight and monitoring controls, begin requiring fingerprint background checks for some of its staff, and should determine whether and when it can proceed with a rulemaking to address rules required by Arizona Revised Statutes §§28-4537 and 28-5639(C). In addition, the Department should address the recommendations directed to it in the Motor Vehicle Division audit report issued as part of this sunset review (see Report No. 15-104). Although auditors issued another report on transportation revenues as part of this sunset review, the recommendation from that report was directed to the Legislature and not to the Department (see Report No. 15-113).

Follow-Up Report

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Additional Documents