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Arizona Department of Transportation—Motor Vehicle Division—Division Should Improve Field Office Customer Service, Better Regulate the Ignition Interlock Program, and Continue to Enhance its Oversight of Third-Party Offices


The Arizona Department of Transportation—Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) licenses drivers, registers vehicles, and provides other services at its 49 field offices, online, and through authorized third-party offices where contractors, rather than MVD staff, provide MVD services. Providing quality customer service is an important aspect at MVD’s field offices. Nearly 2.8 million customers visited field offices in fiscal year 2014. However, MVD field offices inconsistently provided a good customer service experience. For example, some wait times were long, and some customers were not able to finish transactions during their first visit. MVD should take steps to improve field office customer service by reassessing its service, revising its goals, and developing a comprehensive customer service plan. In addition, MVD administers Arizona’s Ignition Interlock Program (Program), which provides limited driving privileges to drivers convicted of driving under the influence. MVD should improve its program inspections and complaint-handling. Finally, customers can also conduct many transactions at third-party offices. Although MVD uses several methods to oversee third parties, MVD should continue improving its process for oversight of third-party transaction processing and payment accuracy.

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