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Arizona State Board of Respiratory Care Examiners—Board Appropriately Issued Licenses and Resolved Complaints but Should Continue to Address Continuing-Education Noncompliance and Improve Complaint Resolution Timeliness and Provision of Public Information


The Arizona State Board of Respiratory Care Examiners (Board) regulates the practice of respiratory care in the State. The Board issued licenses to applicants who met statutory and rule licensure requirements, but it should continue to take steps to address licensees’ noncompliance with continuing-education requirements. Additionally, although the Board appears to issue licenses within the overall required time frames, it should track its compliance with all time frames for issuing licenses to help ensure they are issued in a timely manner. The Board adequately investigated and adjudicated the complaints reviewed and has established complaint investigation policies and procedures that guide board staff in processing complaints. However, the Board needs to improve its complaint resolution timeliness. Finally, the Board should ensure that it provides all publicly available information about licensees over the phone.

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