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Arizona Game and Fish Commission, Department, and Director


The Arizona Game and Fish Department (Department) is responsible for administering state laws related to wildlife, watercraft, and off-highway vehicles, as directed by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission (Commission). Both the Commission and Department travel in- and out-of-state and report that their travel is important for influencing national policy setting that affects Arizona land and wildlife and for developing good relationships with stakeholder groups. However, the Department should establish additional guidance for determining whether its travel is in the State’s best interest. For example, in fiscal years 2012 and 2013, the Department sent between 13 to 18 representatives, often twice as many as fish and wildlife agencies from neighboring western states, to the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies conferences in Montana, California, and Hawaii. The Department should also enhance and implement its wireless device policy to help ensure the appropriate use of cell phones and other wireless devices; and develop a policy regarding expenditures for employee recognition. In addition, the Department’s process for issuing big game hunting tags could be improved by moving to an all-online application system, requiring applicants to use a single identification number, and increasing its testing of draw results to ensure that the draw is functioning as intended. Finally, the Department should improve the management of its information technology systems and data.

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