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Department of Environmental Quality - Sunset Factors


This report provides information on 12 of the sunset factors the Legislature is to consider in determining whether to continue or terminate the Department of Environmental Quality (Department). The report is the final in a series of three reports. Auditors’ analysis of the sunset factors found strong performance by the Department with regard to many of the factors. However, auditors found that the Department can improve its procedures for approving and renewing general permit coverage by tracking required renewals of Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) general permit coverage, developing policies and procedures for reviewing and approving air quality general permit coverage, and adopting a risk-based approach for inspecting on-site wastewater facilities prior to issuing APP general permit coverage. In addition, auditors recommended that the Department adopt statutorily required rules when the Governor’s rule-making moratorium expires, and post on its Web site the full text of each substantive policy statement currently in use and the related public notice, as required by A.R.S. §41-1091.01. Finally, the Department should address the recommendations directed to it in the other two audit reports issued as part of this sunset review.

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Additional Documents