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Department of Environmental Quality - Underground Storage Tanks Financial Responsibility


The Department of Environmental Quality (Department) is responsible for ensuring that owners and operators of petroleum underground storage tanks (USTs) comply with federal and state financial responsibility requirements, which ensure that UST owners and operators can pay to clean up spills and leaks and compensate third parties for injuries and damages should they occur. Sites and/or operators of petroleum USTs include service stations, convenience stores, and local governments. The Department continues to fail to ensure that UST owners and operators meet financial responsibility requirements. Similar to prior audit findings, department records indicate that many UST facilities have expired coverage or lack coverage. Further, the Department's database may incorrectly show other facilities as having coverage when they do not. As a result, state monies have had to be used to pay for UST cleanup of leaks and spills. Although the Department has taken some steps to identify and address weaknesses with its financial responsibility program, it should take additional steps, including developing policies and procedures to ensure UST owners and operators comply with financial responsibility requirements.

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