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Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board (First Things First)


The Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board, also known as First Things First (FTF), was established by voter initiative in 2006 to provide early childhood development and health programs to Arizona children from birth to age 5. FTF’s fiscal year 2015 revenues were $130 million, most of which were tobacco tax revenues, but its revenues have declined. FTF spent more than $162.5 million in fiscal year 2015, largely for grants and contracts supporting its programs and services. These expenditures included approximately $3.1 million for media and community and parent outreach and awareness efforts to meet statutory responsibilities. Although FTF has generally implemented adequate financial controls, it should strengthen controls in four areas. FTF has also implemented effective procedures for managing grants, as well as a research and evaluation plan that directs its program evaluation efforts, although it should enhance its reporting and collection of program outcomes. Finally, FTF has implemented several ongoing processes to identify opportunities for collaboration and coordination with other organizations providing early childhood services.

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