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Arizona State Board of Cosmetology


The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology (Board) licenses and regulates cosmetologists, salons, and schools. The Board should continue to ensure that it issues licenses only to qualified applicants, comply with statutorily required time frames for issuing licenses, and develop and propose legislation requiring continuing education for license renewal. The Board should also revise its inspection approach to ensure all salons are appropriately inspected in a timely manner based on the risks that the salons pose to the public. In addition to adopting more of a risk-based inspection approach, the Board should update its inspection checklist and develop and implement policies and procedures that direct the performance of inspections. Additionally, the Board should improve its complaint resolution processes by conducting adequate investigations and addressing weaknesses in its decision-making processes. Finally, the Board should provide timely and complete information about licensees over the phone and on its Web site.

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Additional Documents