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Department of Corrections - Oversight of Security Operations


The July 2010 Kingman private prison escapes alerted the Department to the need for improved oversight of its contracted private prisons. In response, the Department implemented a new monthly inspection program, revised its annual audit procedures, revised its Request for Proposals for additional private prison beds, and began developing training for contract monitoring staff. The Department should carry out its plans to update its policies and procedures to reflect its revised annual audit approach, implement contract monitor training, and comply with statutory requirements to compare the services provided by private and state-run prisons. The Department should also continue to improve officer compliance with security policies and procedure at state-run prisons. Specifically, the Department should implement its plans to analyze data from inspections and audit findings to identify noncompliance trends and take appropriate system-wide action. Finally, the Department should use this information to identify correctional officer training needs and continue its efforts to improve post orders, which are written instructions that describe the responsibilities, duties, and functions of a particular security post or work assignment.

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Additional Documents