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Registrar of Contractors (July 2013, Report No. 13-04)


The Registrar of Contractors (ROC) licenses and regulates residential and commercial contractors. The ROC handles complaints about workmanship through a process that provides multiple opportunities for contractors to resolve problems. However, the ROC can improve the regulation of contractors and better protect the public by adequately addressing construction complaints before it closes these complaints and disciplining contractors when warranted. In addition, the ROC should promote earlier resolution of construction complaints, such as by monitoring complaints as they move through its complaint-handling process and adding time frames for key steps in this process, and ensure that discipline is imposed in a timely manner. Also, in March 2010 the ROC replaced an aging information system with a new one, which has resulted in numerous problems. Regardless of whether the ROC replaces this data system, the ROC should fix inaccurate data and take key steps during implementation of a new system to ensure it efficiently and effectively supports the ROC’s functions. This report also provides information about the Residential Contractors’ Recovery Fund.

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