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Arizona Department of Child Safety—Department Assesses Child Safety and Risk Using Common Factors or Accepted Approaches, but Needs to Improve Critical Aspects of Its Child Safety and Risk Assessment Process


This report addresses the Arizona Department of Child Safety’s (Department) child safety and risk assessment practices, including its approach for determining whether to remove a child from his/her home. Similar to other child welfare agencies, the Department uses three common factors to assess child safety. Agencies’ risk assessment processes are more varied, and the Department uses multiple factors and relies on caseworker judgment to assess risk. However, the Department’s child safety and risk assessment tool does not sufficiently guide caseworkers in making child safety decisions. Insufficient training has also limited caseworkers’ ability to conduct child safety and risk assessments. The Department needs to modify or replace its child safety and risk assessment tool, provide adequate training for caseworkers and supervisors, and improve safety planning.

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Additional Documents