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Arizona Department of Child Safety - Children Support Services - Emergency and Residential Placements


Arizona Department of Child Safety—Children Support Services—Emergency and Residential Placements—Although the best setting for abused and neglected children is one that is family-based, the number of Arizona children placed in congregate care, such as group homes, emergency shelters, and residential treatment centers, increased by approximately 73 percent from September 2009 through March 2014. The State’s costs for providing this type of care nearly doubled, from nearly $40 million to more than $79 million between fiscal years 2009 and 2013. Several factors have contributed to the increased use of congregate care, including an inadequate supply of foster care homes; various state practices, including some related to permanency goals and activities; and inadequate access to behavioral health services. The Department has taken steps to reduce the use of congregate care but should consider other states’ experiences to identify multiple strategies for reducing its use.

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