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Universities' Enrollment Management


The report addresses issues relating to the universities and the Arizona Board of Regents’ efforts to manage enrollment at Arizona’s universities. First, we found that Arizona’s universities and the Board of Regents need to develop enrollment forecasts to predict future enrollment growth at the universities. Although several forecasts have been developed in the past, they have tended to overestimate enrollment. Additionally, the universities need to revise the existing plan used to manage future enrollment growth. The plan identified several strategies for managing university growth, including expanding the universities’ evening and weekend programs, distance learning programs, partnerships with community colleges, and establishing two new branch campuses. While the universities have experienced success enrolling students in most of the main campus alternatives, they have had difficulties attracting students to the branch campuses. The universities should revisit the current plan and make modifications as necessary. Additionally, the universities and the Board of Regents should initiate a statewide master plan to help the State meet future enrollment growth.

Further, more can be done to increase enrollment at ASU West, one of ASU’s branch campuses. Although ASU West’s enrollment has increased, its growth has been slow and limited. ASU and ASU West should consider options for attracting students, such as expanding the number of programs offered, ensuring that course credits transfer between programs at ASU and ASU West, and offering students incentives for enrolling there.