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Vail Unified School District


In fiscal year 2010, Vail Unified School District compared favorably to peer districts in student achievement with AIMS scores that were higher than the peer districts’ averages and much higher than state-wide averages. The District’s cost-efficiency in noninstructional areas also compared favorably in most areas. The District operated its administration, plant operations, and food service programs efficiently with costs that were similar to or lower than peer district averages, and its transportation program operated with lower per-mile costs. Additionally, the District encourages a culture of innovation and creativity that has led to new programs and ways of doing business, including designing an online program that many other districts now use to share educational resources, incorporating renewable energy and sustainable materials in construction projects, and providing school choice at the high school level and through its charter school options. However, the District needs to strengthen some of its accounting and computer controls and make some improvements in its transportation program to ensure that it is following state requirements.

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Additional Documents