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Union Elementary School District


Union ESD’s fiscal year 2006 per-pupil administration costs were lower than the comparable districts’ because of lower staffing levels, although additional positions were added in fiscal year 2007. Failure to control costs, particularly for transportation and plant operation and maintenance, resulted in the District’s overspending its Maintenance and Operation Fund 3 years in a row, for a total of more than $2 million. In late May 2007, the District could not pay its employees, and in June 2007, the Legislature required the State Board of Education to appoint a receiver. Fiscal year 2006 per-pupil student transportation costs were about 40 percent higher than the comparable districts averaged, and Union ESD also spent $434,000 more than it received in state transportation aid. Although its per-pupil transportation costs decreased somewhat in fiscal year 2007, the District still spent $482,000 more than its state transportation aid for the year. The District’s fiscal year 2006 per-square-foot plant costs were 41 percent higher than the comparable districts’, primarily because of uncontrolled overtime and high water and energy costs. Plant costs increased by another 6 percent in fiscal year 2007. The District’s Proposition 301 plan was not complete and was not approved by the Governing Board; however, the monies were spent for purposes authorized under statute. Union ESD spent 50.3 percent of its dollars in the classroom, which was 8 percentage points below the state average. Union ESD did not test language proficiency until fiscal year 2005, when it identified 253 ELL students. During fiscal year 2007, the District spent $128,900 of the $132,000 it received in English Language Learner program funding. However, its limited program provided only 45-minute language tutoring sessions, substantially less than the 4 hours that statute will require for first-year ELL students.

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