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Tanque Verde Unified School District


In fiscal year 2002, the District had fewer administrators per student than the comparable districts, resulting in slightly lower administrative costs per student. The District’s plant operation and maintenance costs were lower than the comparable districts', with the District spending less per square foot and having significantly fewer square feet of building space per student. However, the District’s current low plant costs will likely increase when the high school campus opens. Primarily because of its current below-average plant costs, the District’s classroom dollar percentage was 60.7 percent, 2.5 percent higher than the state-wide average. The District’s food service program, although operating efficiently, has been losing money and will need increased meal prices to return to break-even status. The District’s student transportation program costs were reasonable, but the District needs to properly report the number of eligible students transported. Finally, the District’s Proposition 301 monies were spent appropriately.

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Additional Documents