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Santa Cruz Valley Union High School District


In fiscal year 2010, Santa Cruz Valley Union High School District’s student achievement was far below both the peer districts’ and state averages, and its school did not meet “Adequate Yearly Progress” for the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The District’s operational efficiencies were mixed with some costs higher and some costs lower than peer districts’. The District spent 35 percent more per pupil on administration than peer districts, in part because of a sudden drop in student enrollment, but also because the District hired a new business manager and a certified public accounting firm to help correct poor business practices. Santa Cruz Valley UHSD’s plant operations and transportation program both functioned in a reasonably efficient manner. However, the District’s food service program operated at a loss of nearly $40,000 with per-meal costs that were 42 percent higher than peer districts’ due to overstaffing. In addition, the District reduced its classroom spending in fiscal year 2012, shifting monies to other operational areas, particularly administration and instructional support. This shift in spending away from the classroom was also evident in the 5 years prior to fiscal year 2010.

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