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Ray Unified School District


In fiscal year 2010, Ray Unified School District’s student achievement was similar to peer districts’ but mostly lower than state averages. The District operated efficiently, with administration, plant operations, food service, and transportation per-pupil costs that were similar to, or lower than, peer districts’. However, weak controls in several areas have created an environment in which some fraudulent and inappropriate activities have occurred in recent years. Specifically, the District allowed one employee complete control over certain aspects of its operations without any oversight. This employee admitted to taking advantage of the lax control environment by falsifying bus driver drug test results and selling district property for his own financial gain. The District also lacked oversight and controls over its process for producing, distributing, and tracking keys for district buildings to ensure that only authorized employees are given keys. In addition, the District needs to strengthen its computer controls and ensure that its transportation program meets all state transportation requirements.

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Additional Documents