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Pomerene Elementary School District


In fiscal year 2011, Pomerene Elementary School District’s student AIMS scores were higher than both peer districts’ and the State’s averages, and it operated efficiently with lower per-pupil costs in nearly all operational areas. The District’s per-pupil costs were lower primarily because it had more students than its peer districts, on average. However, the District’s costs were also lower because its management made decisions that resulted in lower costs, such as the extensive use of part-time employees. By employing part-time employees, the District was able to save a large amount of money on benefit costs because the part-time employees generally did not receive health insurance. To help minimize plant operations costs, the District rents an unused facility to an outside organization. Additionally, in an effort to further reduce costs, Pomerene ESD contracted with a nearby district to receive information technology and student transportation services and is continuing to review other ways to consolidate additional services. However, the District needs to strengthen its accounting and computer controls.

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Additional Documents