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Page Unified School District


In fiscal year 2014, Page Unified School District’s student achievement was slightly lower than peer districts’, on average, and its operational efficiency varied by area. The District operated with higher per pupil costs in all noninstructional areas. Some of the higher costs were reasonable; however, improvements are needed in some areas. The District’s per pupil administrative costs were higher than peer districts’ primarily because it incurred several one-time leave payouts to employees leaving the District to pay for their accrued vacation and sick balances and because it incurred more travel costs likely because of its remote location and travel for several new employees’ training. However, the District needs to strengthen some of its computer controls. The District’s plant operations costs were much higher per pupil because it maintained some atypical building space, and its food service program operated with a higher cost per meal that may have been a result of it not sufficiently overseeing its food service program, which was operated by a vendor. The District’s transportation program operated with slightly higher costs primarily because of a long-term highway closure, but the District did not accurately report its riders, needs to strengthen controls over fuel inventory and purchases, and should consider safety concerns associated with vans used for student transportation.

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