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Laveen Elementary School District


In fiscal year 2012, Laveen Elementary School District’s student achievement was similar to peer district averages, and the District operated efficiently overall with lower per pupil costs than peer districts’, on average, in all operational areas. The District’s administrative costs were slightly lower per pupil because it employed fewer administrative staff than the peer districts, on average. In addition, the District’s food service program operated efficiently with lower costs per pupil and per meal, in part, because the District had lower staffing levels. Further, Laveen ESD’s transportation program was reasonably efficient but the District needs to better ensure that its bus drivers meet all certification requirements. Finally, although the District’s plant operations costs per square foot were much higher than the peer districts’ average, its plant operations costs per pupil were lower because the District maintained substantially less building space per student. While it is not uncommon for districts operating substantially lower amounts of square footage per student to have higher costs per square foot, likely due to higher usage levels, the District may be able to reduce its plant operations costs by further reducing the amount it pays for custodial services. Despite operating efficiently, Laveen ESD spent 21 percent, or $751, less per pupil in the classroom than peer districts, on average, because it received less funding primarily because it had a lower poverty rate and fewer special needs students. In fact, the District had nearly the lowest overall per pupil spending amount in the State.

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