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Kingman Unified School District - Theft and Misuse of Public Monies


Our investigation revealed that from January 2011 to April 2012, Michael Gaul, former culinary arts program teacher and student Chef’s Club sponsor at Kingman High School in the Kingman Unified School District (District), may have violated state laws related to theft, misuse of public monies, and fraudulent schemes. Specifically, Mr. Gaul employed a fraud scheme and embezzled $12,918 by creating false invoices to arrange for customers to issue checks payable in his name. Mr. Gaul was able to receive 18 checks and either deposit or cash them using his personal bank accounts and spent these public monies on his personal living expenses. Mr. Gaul embezzled and misused these public monies by both abusing his authority as a teacher and Chef’s Club sponsor and by taking advantage of the District’s lack of oversight and inadequate controls over the authorization of fund-raising activities, and the collection and deposit of fund-raising proceeds. On May 5, 2014, the Mohave County Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint with the Mohave County Superior Court, alleging that Mr. Gaul committed theft, misuse of public monies, and fraudulent schemes against the District.