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Higley Unified School District


In fiscal year 2010, Higley Unified School District was similar to its peers in student achievement and compared favorably in operational efficiencies. The District operated efficiently overall with similar or lower per-pupil costs than its peer districts in all nonclassroom areas. These operational efficiencies were especially important for Higley USD as it received considerably less funding than peer districts and had one of the lowest per-pupil spending amounts in the State. However, the District's transportation program operated less efficiently than peer districts' on a per-mile and per-rider basis. These higher costs and the District's lower per-mile state funding rate resulted in the District's subsidizing its transportation program by more than $1.2 million. The District employs various cost-savings methods, but additional steps may help controls costs. Additionally, the District needs to closely monitor its solar power system contract as it is unlikely to meet expectations for saving energy costs. The District should also ensure it spends Classroom Site Fund monies appropriately.

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Additional Documents