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Gilbert Unified School District


Gilbert USD’s fiscal year 2007 administrative costs were 15 percent lower than the comparable districts’ average costs primarily because Gilbert USD employed fewer administrative positions, particularly assistant principals. In fiscal year 2007, the District spent $2 million more on its student transportation program than it received in state aid. Further, its $3.70 cost per mile was about 7 percent more than the comparable districts’ average, primarily because of inefficient routes. While efficient routes typically fill buses to 75 percent or more capacity, Gilbert USD’s buses were filled to only 56 percent capacity, on average. One cost-saving method implemented by the District involves testing bus oil to allow for less frequent oil changes. Other school districts may benefit from this practice because oil testing costs are low ($6.50 per oil sample) and there is potential for cost savings. At $5.89 per square foot, the District’s plant operation and maintenance costs were similar to the comparable districts’. To help lower costs in this area, the District had recently implemented a preventative maintenance program and opened a centralized plant facility. Further, the District developed and partially implemented an energy conservation plan. Gilbert USD’s 62.1 percent fiscal year 2007 classroom dollar percentage is higher than both the state and national averages. In fiscal year 2007, the District’s English Language Learner (ELL) program offered English language instruction in 3-hour blocks. For fiscal year 2009, the District adjusted the program so that the length of English language instruction was increased to 4-hour blocks to address statutory requirements. However, while the District separately accounted for its ELL costs, not all of these costs were incremental.

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