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Coolidge Unified School District


In fiscal year 2009, Coolidge Unified School District did not compare favorably to its peer districts in student achievement, and its operational costs were mixed. The District's student achievement was lower than peer districts' and state averages. Although the District's plant operations and food service costs were similar to peer districts', its administrative costs were 30 percent higher than peer districts', on average, and it lacked adequate procedures to protect it from errors that resulted in the District's overpaying at least 31 employees over $22,000. The District's transportation cost per rider was 23 percent higher than the peer districts' average, primarily because it contracted out part of its transportation program. Additionally, the District inaccurately reported its miles, which likely resulted in $208,000 in overfunding. Further, the District's shift in classroom spending, particularly since fiscal year 2007, indicates possible supplanting. Had the District continued to direct its monies into the classroom at the same rate it did in fiscal year 2001, it would have spent an additional $1.8 million in the classroom in fiscal year 2009. Finally, the District's telephone costs were 75 percent higher than the peer districts', on average, partly because it had an excessive number of cell phones.

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