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Cave Creek Unified School District


In fiscal year 2010, Cave Creek Unified School District compared favorably with peer districts in both student achievement and operational efficiencies. The District’s student achievement was higher than both its peer districts’ and state averages, and its costs were lower than or similar to peer districts’ in most operational areas. The District’s administrative costs were slightly lower than peer districts’, and its transportation program was reasonably efficient with lower costs per pupil and per mile. Further, although the District’s per-meal food service costs were slightly higher than peer districts’, the program’s revenues were sufficient to cover its costs. However, plant operations costs were 8 percent higher per square foot and 16 percent higher per student than peer districts’ because of higher electricity and water costs due to frequent community use of district buildings and fields, excess square footage, and the lack of an energy conservation plan. Since fiscal year 2010, the District has implemented several energy-saving measures, including establishing formal heating and cooling temperatures, which are enforced through a centrally controlled energy management system, and upgrading outdated lighting and water fixtures with more efficient models.

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