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Balsz Elementary School District


In fiscal year 2009, Balsz Elementary School District did not compare favorably to its peer districts in student achievement or operational efficiencies. The District's student achievement was lower than peer districts' and state averages. Additionally, its operational costs were higher than peer districts', and its transportation and plant operations programs need better oversight. The District's transportation cost per mile was 27 percent higher than the peer districts', on average, and its cost per rider was 36 percent higher. The District did not adequately oversee its transportation vendor, which resulted in its subsidizing the transportation program by more than $206,000 in fiscal year 2009. Further, the District's plant costs were 10 percent higher per square foot and 28 percent higher per pupil than the peer districts' average. The District's plant costs rose sharply in fiscal year 2007 when it outsourced its custodial, maintenance, and grounds operations. Finally, the District should strengthen its performance pay plan, and ensure that salary increases from the Classroom Site Fund are paid only to eligible employees and paid in the correct amounts.

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Additional Documents