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Alhambra Elementary School District


Alhambra Elementary School District’s student achievement is slightly higher than peer districts’, and it operates efficiently with lower costs in most areas. The District spent significantly less per pupil for administration, transportation, and plant operations than the peer districts. Costs were lower in part due to the District’s employing fewer administrative staff and operating efficient bus routes. Plant operation costs were lower in part because electricity costs were 25 percent lower per square foot than peer districts’. Since 2002, the District has operated an energy conservation program that requires individual schools to pay for energy usage above a predetermined base level. As a result, the District reports a cost savings of over $250,000 during the first 18 months of operation and expects to continue realizing cost savings of $250,000 to $300,000 annually. Despite lower costs in most areas, the District’s food service program cost $1.5 million more than it generated in revenues in fiscal year 2009. Costs were high because Alhambra ESD employed significantly more food service employees than peer districts and each employee produced significantly fewer meals. Finally, although Alhambra ESD spent its Classroom Site Fund (CSF) monies for purposes authorized by statute, it has shifted some of its spending away from the classroom, an indication that CSF monies are supplanting (replacing) rather than supplementing (adding to) district monies spent in the classroom.

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