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Arizona Department of Education and Valley Academy for Career and Technical Education—Criminal Indictment—Misuse of Public Monies and Fraudulent Schemes


We received an allegation of financial misconduct by Dennis Fiscus, former Department Career and Technical Education programs of study director, and Lois Lamer, former Valley Academy for Career and Technical Education (VACTE) superintendent. Our investigation revealed that from December 2013 through June 2014, Ms. Lamer prepared 3 false VACTE documents when she complied with Mr. Fiscus’s alleged direction to deposit in her personal business checking account $7,500 of federal Carl D. Perkins grant monies he awarded to VACTE. These monies were commingled with her business monies and spent for Mr. Fiscus’s benefit. We submitted our report to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, which on September 14, 2021, presented evidence to the State Grand Jury. The action resulted in Mr. Fiscus and Ms. Lamer each being indicted on 5 felony counts related to misuse of public monies, fraudulent schemes and artifices, and fraudulent schemes and practices.