School Districts - Forms


School District Reporting Guidelines —These include guidelines for financial statement reporting.

Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Financial Report (397k)—This zip file contains forms and instructions for completing the school district annual financial report. Extract the files to C:\SDFORMS\. Read the USFR Memo for additional information.

Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Budget Forms (1.4MB)—This zip file contains forms and instructions for completing the School District Annual Expenditure Budget including revised 2014 Budget Work Sheets and a Summary of Significant Changes. Districts that downloaded the budget forms before June 18, 2013, may want to extract only the revised Work Sheets and Summary of Significant Changes into the C:\SDFORMS\ directory to avoid overwriting the other budget files which have not been revised. Read the Summary of Significant Changes, USFR Memo, and 2014BudgetHints.doc files for additional information.

USFR Compliance Questionnaire (528k)—This USFR Compliance Questionnaire is for use in audits for the year ended June 30, 2013, and thereafter.

Sample Audit Request for Proposals (RFP)(111k)—This sample RFP may be used by school districts to procure audit services. It includes instructions and sample forms.

Sample Audit Contract (63k)—This sample contract may be used by school districts to document the agreement for audit services. All completed audit contracts must be submitted to the Office of the Auditor General for approval.




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