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Department of Health Services' Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (September 1999, Report No. 99-17)


The Program has not yet been able to measure its effectiveness in preventing kids from starting to smoke and helping adults to quit. The report recommends several specific improvements in the Programís evaluation efforts, including developing a comprehensive evaluation plan and obtaining tobacco-related information through coordination with other entities. Also, better communication and coordination of resources are needed between statewide and local efforts. For instance, the Smokersí Helpline needs to be informed about advertising campaign activities so it can be prepared with adequate staff to answer phone calls, and in turn the Helpline should refer callers to people in local project offices who can help them to quit smoking. As part of its efforts, the Program should use its Tobacco Use and Prevention Advisory Committee. Finally, the Program needs to monitor local project expenditures on administrative costs to determine how much of its monies are actually spent on services to help smokers quit and prevent youth from starting. However, before the Program can do that it will have to develop guidelines for determining such costs and establishing appropriate reporting requirements.

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