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Health Start Pilot Program—Annual Evaluation (February 1998, Report No. 98-3)


This report is the final in a series of three annual evaluations of the Health Start Pilot Program. We found the Health Start Pilot Program appears to have achieved its primary statutory goals of reducing low birth weight babies and improving prenatal care. Program participants have high rates of immunizations and are knowledgeable about good nutrition and breast-feeding. Although the Program has met its goals, it shows a long-term net cost of $1,415,334 over the first two years. Several actions could improve the Program’s cost-effectiveness. For example, limiting the family follow-up period to two years rather than the current four and allowing contractors to use some group classes to supplement service provided by home visits could improve program efficiency. Additionally, appropriate implementation of a screening instrument could result in the Program targeting its services to women most in need of the Program.

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