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Department of Economic Security—Division of Children, Youth and Families—Child Protective Services—In-Home Services Program (November 2006, Report No. IB-0601)


In fiscal year 2006, the Division began implementing a more formal in-home services program (program) that seeks to prevent further child abuse and neglect and the need to place children in out-of-home care by providing enhanced in-home services. To help staff the program, the Division was appropriated an additional $8.8 million in state and federal funds.

The Division also awarded and renewed contracts with community agencies to provide moderate- and intensive-level in-home services throughout the State. Through the use of CPS staff and contractors, the Division plans to offer a variety of services to stabilize and preserve families, such as crisis intervention counseling, anger management, and parent education. Finally, the Division reports that it is taking various actions to monitor the impact of in-home services.

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