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Arizona Department of Corrections—Arizona Correctional Industries (September 2001, Report No. 01-26)


This report addresses the 12 Sunset Factors the Legislature is to consider in determining whether to continue or terminate the Arizona Department of Corrections.  The Department’s statutory purpose, as described in its mission statement, is “to serve and protect the people of Arizona by imprisoning those offenders legally committed to the Department, and by providing community-based supervision for those conditionally released.” A series of six performance audits provides the basis for responses to the Sunset Factors:  Security Operations (Report No. 00-20), Human Resources Management (Report No. 01-4), Support Services (Report No. 01-7), Private Prisons (Report No. 01-13), Administrative Services and Information Technology (Report No. 01-18), and Arizona Correctional Industries (Report No. 01-25).  Although these reports identify several ways the Department can improve its efficiency and effectiveness, the Department has met its overall objective and purpose, and operates in the public interest by operating a safe and secure prison system.  As discussed in the Sunset Factor report, terminating the Department of Corrections would significantly harm public safety because confinement of criminal offenders is vital to protecting the public. 

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